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Several factors will influence the choice of site, orientation and form of a hut. These include: Climate Subsoil Slope Proximity of trees Watercourses Other buildings Site conditions vary enormously across Scotland: most obviously in the average wind strength, temperature, rainfall, snowfall and sunshine hours. However it is important to appreciate that all these factors also vary locally due to differences in topography, altitude, vegetation type and existing buildings. The soil conditions also vary considerably, ranging from solid rock to fluid sands, alluvial and glacial deposits. You should therefore first assess your site carefully. 

Good practice would be to seek advice from suitably experienced builders and designers if at all possible. You will be using the services of a structural engineer if you are departing from the models in this Guide in any case, and he or she can help with all aspects of design and siting if you ask early enough in your process. Even if you are using one of the models in this Guide you are still advised to seek professional advice (architect, engineer or surveyor) in relation to site factors and how they affect both your foundation type choice and superstructure design.

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