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The campaign for A Thousand Huts was launched in 2011 by Reforesting Scotland – a network which has campaigned for over 20 years for a sustainable forest culture in Scotland. As well as running projects on all aspects of forest culture, Reforesting Scotland produces a well-loved journal and runs a fantastic Annual Gathering. Why not become a member and see for yourself?

The aim of the Thousand Huts campaign is to promote huts and hutting – the building and enjoyment of simple structures (usually wooden) for living, working and recreation in the countryside. We are working to remove the barriers to simple, low impact hutting in Scotland. We have already achieved a lot in terms of successfully lobbying for the inclusion of huts in Scottish Planning Policy. Currently the Scottish Government is consulting on how huts relate to building regulations. We want to achieve a situation where those who wish to build a small, simple hut and pursue hutting can do so freely and within the law.

Our regular Hutters events are popular with a wide range of people from hutters and would-be hutters, to architects, builders, environmentalists and planners. Our facebook group has 3700 members and is growing all the time.

A Thousand Huts works with a wide range of organisations to deliver change to make hutting more accessible for the people of Scotland.




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