Resources for prospective hutters and hut site developers

Reforesting Scotland’s Thousand Huts campaign has been working to develop a Resource Hub to help people achieve their dream of having a hut of their own. We are seeking funding for this work and hope to launch a new online one-stop-shop for hutting resources in Spring 2020.  To hear of this launch, join our emailing list via the link to the right of this page or join the Thousand Huts Facebook Group. In the meantime, you can download a series of documents on planning, building regulations, and hut site development using the links below:

Our good practice guidance on planning hut developments

Our good practice guidance on planning hut developments

Guide to planning permission for huts – New hutting developments: Good practice guidance on the planning, development and management of huts and hut sites’

Making a robust agreement to protect the rights of hutters and hut site landlords – Voluntary Code of Good Conduct between Hutters and Landowners

Understanding building regulations for huts – The Good Practice Guide to Hut Construction

Affordable hutting

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