A chance in a lifetime to own a hut at Carnock Woods


A view of Carnock Woods

Carnock Wood, managed by Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES), is the first hutting site of the new era to be given planning permission.   It is the pilot site of the Thousand Huts campaign and it has been a fascinating journey getting so far.

Now you have a chance to be part of history and become a Carnock hutter.   Can you imagine building your own hut, possibly with friends or commissioning a local builder?   Can you imagine that first evening when you sit down by your log stove, nice and cosy and with a wee dram or family party to celebrate?   Can you imagine waking up in the morning, wondering at first where you are and then setting out, after breakfast, to explore the woods and bring back some fallen branches to chop up for the stove?

temporary hut northscape

Temporary hut designed by Northscape.

Carnock Wood is a 100 acre wood (roughly) in west Fife, 1.5 miles to the south of the village of Saline.   The locals are welcoming, we have spoken to them.   Most of the wood is pine plantation of various ages but the hutting site is surrounded by broadleaves and is growing a healthy crop of bracken at present.   It looks out to the west and south.

The huts will be owned by individual hutters who will look after them and pay an affordable ground rent to FES.   This figure hasn’t yet been negotiated.   There is room for 12 huts on the site, including 2 which will be made available to local people.   There will also be a school hut or outdoor classroom for the use of schools in the local area.   The huts will look similar to each other with a timber finish but will vary in size and roof type.   There will be a forestry road ending in a car park at the edge of the site but after that everything will need to be carried or wheeled in by wheelbarrow.   The site will not be connected to mains services and there will be no rubbish removal.   There may be a water supply to stand pipes.   No Council Tax will need to be paid, as we understand it.

The 12 hutters or hutting families will automatically be members of the Carnock Hutters Group (CHG) which will be a constituted group with various rules and regulations to protect the hutters and the site.   The group will enter into a lease agreement with FES through the Community Asset Transfer Scheme.   The Thousand Huts campaign will be on hand to guide the hutters through both processes.   We believe that if you get all the rules and ‘what ifs?’ sorted out at the start, then you and the other hutters can concentrate on the serious business of relaxation and exploration.

So, this is the way it works:

Hut designed by Jack Hughes and Lucy Eccles

Hut designed by Jack Hughes and Lucy Eccles

Step 1.   Register an interest by answering the simple questions in the Expression of Interest form.

Step 2.   Come to an Open Meeting in Spring 2018, probably in Dunfermline.   We will have wise people to answer questions and talk about the hutters’ rights and responsibilities.   There will also be a chance to visit the hutting site.

Step 3.   Once you are satisfied that you want a hut at Carnock and can live with the rights and responsibilities, you can put your name forward for the ballot.

Step 4.   We will draw 10 names from the hat + 2 from a local list + a reserve list.

Step 5.   The Thousand Huts campaign will work with the 12 successful hutters/ families to bring the group together, form the Carnock Hutters Group and enter into negotiations with FCS.   This will take a period of time to do it properly.   As this is a pilot, we don’t yet know exactly how it will go.   Some people may drop out and get replaced by those on the reserve list.

Step 6.   Build your hut and have that wee dram I was talking about earlier.

If you have any questions please contact carnock@reforestingscotland.org

We look forward to hearing from you.

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