Reforesting Scotland Journal 60

Autumn/winter issue 2019: Appropriate Technology



Ninian Stuart: Loving the land in turbulent times
Richard Thompson: Natural forest reserves
Judy Wilkinson & Emily Chappell: Urban hutting
Ivor Davies: Teaching timber
Dan Ridley-Ellis: Adding value through timber grading
Alternative toilets
Steffi Shaffler: Horse logging
Fi Martynoga: Dalefoot composts
Rob Brodie: Scything

Letters page
Woodland report: Croft Woodland conference
Artists in Wool: Grace Banks
Food from the forest: Crab apples
Book reviews
Last word

Reforesting Scotland journal Issue 60


    1000 Huts is a project of the charity Reforesting Scotland, which works to restore and support sustainable communities in a well-forested land.


    The content of this site is supplied as good practice guidance only. It is not an authoritative statement of the law or of the policy and practice of the planning or building standards system at the local, national, or case level. It simply sets out what our contributors believe to be good practice for hut builders in complying with the Scottish Government's new regulatory framework for huts. Anyone considering undertaking a hut development should seek their own legal, planning and building advice. 





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