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Huts: A Place Beyond: Events, Connections and Book Offer!


Join our online event to celebrate the launch of Lesley Riddoch’s new book on hutting, and explore just how all our hutting dreams can come true in Scotland. Lesley will set the whole hutting discussion in context with a look at the history of hutting in Scandinavia and Scotland, then a panel of hut experts will be on hand to answer questions. We can help you find all the information you need to begin your own hutting journey, as well as ways to connect with other hutters and would-be hutters.

Tickets available at –

SPECIAL OFFER! ‘Huts: A Place Beyond’ – Lesley Riddoch is offering a discount on her new book for Thousand Huts supporters

Lesley Riddoch has just completed a PhD comparing the hutting traditions of Scotland and Norway and published a book full of stories about her own experience as a lone hutter in Aberdeenshire and travels amongst the hytter of Norway.

Huts, a place beyond also traces the history and struggles of Scotland's hutters and our own lost heritage of but 'n' bens.

You can buy a signed copy of the book before this week’s zoom event with free postage by using the code 1000Huts in the checkout procedure - and postage is FREE on any other books you buy in the same order - Riddoch on the Outer Hebrides, McSmorgasbord and Blossom, what Scotland needs to flourish.

Reviews of Huts, a place beyond;

A clarion call for a revolution in the way we understand home, leisure and our relationship with the natural world.


Lesley Riddoch has managed to take a mad fringe idea, give it respectability and put it in the context of the wider northern world, quite apart from publicising the largely lost radical working-class movements of the early twentieth century. I haven’t waited so eagerly for a book for ages and it surpassed expectations.

Chris Ballance, Carbeth Hutters

Do you dream of having a hut but need more info or contacts?

Reforesting Scotland’s Thousand Huts campaign has created an amazing and beautiful Resource Hub at www.thousandhuts.orgwhere you can find everything you need to know about hutting, including: Affordable hutting; How to get land; How to get planning permission; How to build your hut; How to manage a hut site; What should be in a hut site lease?

To connect with others, you can use the Facebook Group, or the Forum. The Forum is a particularly good opportunity to take part in discussions or find out about everything from accessing land to building compost toilets. All you have to do is sign in at, and you can take part in discussions and start your own. For example, say you’re a person looking for land to build a hut in the Highlands. You could start a discussion on the forum to connect people looking for land in the Highlands. You could encourage others to join, using the Facebook Group. The possibilities are endless!

Join our Fireside Chats

Come and talk huts with us! Reforesting Scotland's Thousand Huts campaign is hosting a series of online Fireside Chats on a range of topics. The subject of each Fireside Chat will be chosen in response to requests from those participating in our online events. So we expect to be covering issues such as: How do I get land?; How do I get planning permission?; How do I build a hut?; How do we create a hutting group? …. And much more….

Online event! Reforesting Scotland Annual Gathering – 21st November 2020

If you’ve never been to a Reforesting Scotland Gathering – you’re missing out! Of course, this year’s one will be a little different – it’s online, due to the pandemic. But the same mix of fantastic folk will be there - getting together to discuss the most pressing issues of how to restore the land and communities of Scotland.

We are planning an all-day event with the usual mix of speakers, visits, discussions and music. We’ll have a spread of topics that you can dip in and out of during the day.


10:00 Main speaker: Duncan Halley – Reforesting Norway and Scotland

11:00 Main speaker: Maggie Fyffe – Community Ownership on Eigg

12:00 Joe Greenlees – Visit to the Yearnstane Project

13:00 Isle Martin Trust – Visit to Isle Martin

14:00 Quick visits to members’ crofts, woods, and building projects

15:00 Panel discussion: Rewilding

16:00 Panel discussion: Giving voice to forest communities – an international perspective

17:00 Panel discussion: Land Reform and Community Ownership

18:00 Evening speaker: Kate Holl – Reflowering Scotland

20:00 ONLINE CEILIDH with Mairi Campbell

21:30 Farewell and goodnight

Each session will be followed with a Q&A where you will be able to put questions to the speakers and panelists.

A lovely Christmas Present for the Hutter in your life?

We’ve got lovely Thousand Huts Tshirts for sale, made from 100% organic cotton. They cost £25 and help support the Thousand Huts campaign. Get yours at


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