The Encampment: A new hutting opportunity

A 15-hut site is being established by a group on a piece of land to the north-east of Lanark, adjacent to the site of a historic Roman encampment. Applications are invited from those who may wish to have a hut there.The-encampment

The site was previously owned and managed by the Forestry Commission. There is some existing infrastructure which significantly reduces the impact of The Encampment project. There are also some improvements to be made to the land to fully return it to its natural state after years as a commercial forest. Some of these improvements are in the process of being undertaken by a contractor. Other improvements will be part of the ongoing forestry management plan and it is expected that the hutters will take an active interest. It is a quiet site bound on two sides by farmland.

The lease will be in line with the Thousand Huts voluntary code, with a 15 year lease as minimum (longer leases welcomed). Annual rent will be paid in advance at a rate of £1500 per year per hut. There is no sign up fee, site development or site maintenance fee, and no additional charges or fee. Legal fees for the administration of the lease paid by the landlord (hutters should however seek their own legal advice on the content of the lease). Rent is to be frozen for 5 years and thereafter subject to index increases, e.g., adjusted to the cost of living. Hutter to build their own hut on the allocated / selected footprint. Each hut is to be maintained by the hutter for the duration of the lease and removed with no trace at the end of the lease (unless the lease and or hut are reassigned to a family member as below). There is a requirement to be a member of the Hutting Committee and abide by the Hutting Constitution. Clauses to allow reassignment of leases to family members subject to approval of the Hutting Committee

Applications are invited from people who are interested in becoming a hutter at this site.

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