Gallery of new huts

Peters HutThis gallery shows some of the new huts which are being created in our countryside, coasts and allotments. They are the inspirational brothers and sisters of Peters hut, pictured here as a model with its designer and creator, Peter Caunt of Quercus Rural Building Design.

Ninians-hut4The Nordic House Exhibition at the Scottish Storytelling Centre for the 2015 Edinburgh Festival was the impetus for Peter to design his hut and build the model. During this process he collated this gallery of new huts to inspire and energise new hut design in keeping with the new definition of huts in Scottish Planning Policy.

Click on the links below or on the navigation bar above to see all the huts:

Peter’s hutCormacs-hut5

Cormac’s hut

Rosie’s hut

Inchriach hut

Gail’s hut

Ninian’s hutBobby-&-Iains-hut1

Alasdair’s hut

Jeremy’s hut

Hugh’s hut




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