New hutting opportunities

Pine-Trees-Hut-1-construction-shot[3]Recent changes in planning policy mean that opportunities for new hutting are opening up. However, availability of huts on existing sites is still extremely limited, with lengthy waiting lists for any huts or sites that do become available, so many people will have to take initiative to set up their own sites by finding possible land and like-minded hutters to work with. Reforesting Scotland does not own or manage any hut sites, although we have taken the lead in developing a hut site on Forestry Commission land in Fifle. We have also met many landowners who would welcome an approach from a group who wants to develop a hut site.

The good news is that new hut sites are beginning to develop. We plan to promote new opportunities on this page as we hear of them. Please let us know about any hut sites you would like us to promote.

New opportunity: Hut sites available near Lanark

A new hut site for 15 huts is being developed by a group adjacent to the site of a historic Roman encampment near Lanark. Applications are open now for people interested in a hut. See more information here.

Creating new opportunities for hutting

Many people use the Thousand Huts Facebook page as a way of reaching out to other hutters to hear of opportunities of huts for sale, or seek collaboration on land purchase or rental. Many landowners seem open to the possiblity of renting land to hutters. As long as there is a fair and robust legal contract this can be a beneficial arrangement for both parties. We have produced a voluntary code of good practice to form the basis of sound legal agreements between hutters and landowners.



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