Hutters’ Rally – 5 days to go!

hgtv tree house book newFinal preparations are under way for the 2016 Hutters’ Rally, taking place in Fife on Tuesday 10th May from 10am-5.30pm. You can book your tickets here.

In the morning you can go to one of our hut-related site visits or see the Shelters Exhibition at Kirkcaldy Galleries, charting many decades of adventures in improvised architecture, through the history of Shelter Publications.

The afternoon will see a fantastic programme of events. A series of experts will run quickfire presentations to kickstart the event with some inspiration and ideas, then the process will open out into multiple sessions where you will have a chance to shape the outcome of the event. See this video about the Rural Parliament for info on how this ‘Open Space’ process works (it is explained about 5 mins into the video).

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