Imagining hut sites for 21st Century

Pine-Trees-Hut-1-construction-shot[3]On April 13th 2015 a seminar was held to explore the opportunities, challenges and questions that face those who wish to create new hut sites for 21st century hutters that are beautiful, affordable and sustainable.

The day started with a site visit to a prospective hut site on Falkland Estate, attended by the majority of participants, providing an opportunity to visualise how a hut site with up to 20 huts might sit within the landscape.

Introductions revealed a breadth of experience, knowledge and motivations amongst the twenty seven participants. Presentations were given about two potential hutting sites – Carnock Wood (Forestry Commission) and Falkland Estate.

In the afternoon, participants opted-in to two rounds of exploratory sessions, during which insights and questions were captured and briefly fed back to the wider group at the end of the day. Key issues included: How to get a hut site; How to build flourishing relationships between landowners & hutters, and financial models.

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