Just a few days left to show your support for hutting in Scotland

cute-hut-Cormac-credit-A-WightmanScotland has a rich cultural history based around simple recreational huts – ranging from bothy culture to the working class hutting movement of the early-mid 20th Century. However, as things stand, simple huts for recreational use are not provided for in the Scottish planning system.

Now, for the first time the Scottish Government has proposed to include provision for huts in the new Scottish Planning Policy. This is a great opportunity to make a real difference to hutting in Scotland. We have just one week left to show support for this through their consultation.

To do this, you can either take part in our e-action launched in partnership with Friends of the Earth Scotland, or make your own response to the consultation. If you would like more information, you can find all you need in our Parliamentary briefing on Hutting.

And please share this information as widely as you can!

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