A Thousand Huts Campaign

Welcome to the heart of Reforesting Scotland’s new campaign on Scottish hutting.

15 June Conference – flyer and conference programme and Press Release

At Reforesting Scotland’s 2010 annual gathering, it was proposed to start a campaign to promote and expand hutting culture that will promote hutting as a valuable and acceptable way of woodland living, working and learning.

Hutting in Scotland has its roots in working class culture and has provided an affordable means for people from towns and cities to enjoy the countryside. With little money, hutters took out a small stake in marginal land to create a powerful symbol of freedom, enterprise and independence – building simple homes and shaping their own place, culture and community. The Carbeth hutters are best known and grew to prominence at the height of land reform in Scotland in the 1990s when their landlord sought to carry out a twentieth century clearance.

A further expansion of hutting could promote sustainable living, social benefits to disadvantaged groups, recreational opportunities, and a practical, sustainable and affordable form of housing, educational and adventure opportunities utilising practical woodland management and woodworking skills.

We are aiming to progress hutting on three fronts:

1.Raising awareness of the simple beauty and value of huts.
2.Promoting sustainable hut building from local timber.
3.Developing a campaign for huts, heart and planning changes.

The aims of the campaign are likely to be to: identify ways of overcoming key barriers to hutting (awareness, planning system and access to land); and to undertake political and practical campaigning to expand hutting culture. We hope that the end result will be heightened awareness and revitalised action on hutting and new opportunities for folk who could not otherwise enjoy a hut.


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